Who is gail goestenkors dating

“The biggest joy is that everybody graduated,” she said.

“Seeing those athletes come in as young girls, unsure of themselves, and seeing them grow and leave so confident and empowered.

Not to mention, every team needs a certain amount of post players, and Pringle was one of Phoenix's best.

^Don't forget that Phoenix picked up Alison Bales like a week ago fro a draft pick, which makes the Ohlde pick up even more questionable...

They traded a post too (possibly their second best) along with Miller.

Odds are they get one of the two big FA's, and draft a point guard. Ohlde is worth more than Quinn, and they can draft a point guard.

“I don’t know if I want to coach again, but I wouldn’t be surprised either way,” she said.

“It would have to be the right situation.” Goestenkors said the biggest reward of her coaching career has been seeing her athletes grow into women.

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Prior to that, she was an assistant coach at Purdue.Before going to the Fever, she was an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Sparks.Goestenkors said she is open to the thought of returning to coaching.Holdsclaw isnt the only WNBA player to be arrested for assaulting or threatening her lesbian lover.Professional basketball player Deanna Tweety Nolan, 33, was arrested earlier this year for beating the air out of her wife and mother of her 2 children.

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