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I knew I would be doing the same for each young lady in the room.

Slowly I made my way around the room, showing my dirty knickers and ass hole, blushing with humiliation each time I took up my demeaning position.

I have kept her in the dog house for a week in order to make her realise that being treated as a human being is something she has to deserve. I plug her arse hole with the inflatable butt plug with the hard recess.

I really thought she has learned something but this clearly indicates that she need much more training before she has learned it!!! "Please let me take a bath and make it good again, pleeeease! When properly inserted it will make sure that no accident happens and it will hide her dirty arse hole!

Synopsis: Master Mick has met three dominating women, who love to be cruel to other women.

You can imagine that the two other women and Master will advise her how to do if she has any difficulties with her performance. You are supposed to do whatever she tells you no matter what it is. Bring your dirty knickers with you" Christy shouted in a commanding and harsh tone I didn't dare to refuse and took position in front of the three women sitting in the comfortable chairs. Then I want you to part your arse cheeks so I can take a closer look while you are standing bend over with legs spread widely apart" she commands me still in this harsh tone Before I turned around I saw that she were putting on latex gloves, which she lubricated for easier access to? I had my thoughts concerning why she did it and I were sure I would find out soon.. " Christy asked with a clear look of disgust at her face. " Master answered her "I have educated her in proper hygiene for a month!!

The outlines for the role-play are that Master Mick has met three dominating women, who love to be cruel to other women.

When you are reading the story then please remembers that English isn't my native language as I'm from Denmark.

This means there might be some bad grammar and other types of faults that might interfere with the reading.

I hope you will accept my apology for these faults. You see a site telling that a letter with activation info has been sent to your email account. Go to your email account and open the message from BDSMLIBRARY. The system place a cookie on your computer meaning as long as you don't delete cookies you will automatically be logged one when opening the site. My face turned bright red.,,,, I had not seen these ladies before and I were wondering who they were.

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