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Wilkos gained fame on Jerry Springer as the host’s security guard before getting his own show in 2007.Rachelle is his third wife and the two live in Connecticut.

He also starred in GSN's 2003 documentary-reality series Chuck Woolery: Naturally Stoned, whose debut show mainly involved him relearning "Naturally Stoned" for a concert performance.The "2 and 2" most likely refers to the average amount of time for such a break (; two minutes and two seconds), and the gesture for the phrase is him holding two fingers up and switching them from front to back.In 1963, following a two-year stint in the Navy, Chuck worked as a sales representative for Pillsbury and a wine consultant for Wasserstrom Wine & Import Company in Columbus, Ohio.In the Celebrity Parents Mag interview, Wilkos said that his wife plays a really important role in shaping the show and his life. The site noted that during a segment about a brother and sister sleeping together, she did her best to stop him from breaking into laughter.“I knew he had to get the giggles out for that,” Rachelle told Complex.

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