Validating email php

If ANY id is given that does not give a permission problem, then the site name will work.

It's using the previous validation provided by the code at the beginning of the article. If you require further assistance, please let us know! Hello, i have some problems with your code (thank you anyway for it).

Thank you, John-Paul Hello Gero, That happens because the 'submitted' state is still in effect.

When the page is initially created, the state is not 'submitted'.

This tool should create site, ftp, site directory and site app pool.We have helpful examples of PHP code that interacts with a My SQL Database, and how to use PHP to connect to and retrieve data from My SQL.Thank you, John-Paul Hello Lesio x, The FROM field is the string representing your website you're sending from after an email is validated.Best Regards, TJ Edens I advise checking your SMTP settings to make sure everything is configured properly.Likewise, you can follow your mail logs for specific errors.

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