Updating avg in safe mode

Please please help as I have loads of photos I want to recover. Just an FYI though, I am thinking maybe virus is not totally wiped out yet if I am having to manually fix this one part…2 antivirus programs on my computer says i am clean… you may need to run virus program several times and restart.. the problems are: 1) all the folders in my external hard disk became hidden file. *i hope you will help me to solve this kind of problems. i was worried in the before that i lost em foevah..!! thx a lot this helps me when you fix it in reg edit and you have a google chrome download the extension of anti virus in your google chrome and scan the name of the anti-virus is bitdefender then the when its finished there will be the virus then right click then erase then u will see it in ur c:/ then scan it with ur anti virus then press delete then restart this is how ive fixed my computer 😀 thx again i jst connected my mobile to my computer. Then click on View, again select “Show hidden files folders and drivers” n jus below it UNCHECK THE “Hide protected operating system files(recomended” then click apply n chk ur files which were hidden by any ANtivirus scan or sumthin else… – it worked – this is what is needed to do AFTER cleaning up computer with one’s own antivirus program. The folder property automatically changes to Application having extension, whenever I hover the mouse over it. fix to and disabled taskmanager ———— the problem is due to a worm .

I tried with symantec NAV 8.6 with new update but still the problem remain. Wat the virus seemed to do was to create an “autorun.inf” file on all my drives, and once i accessed them it would run. i tried from system 32 as wwell but with same results. that’s it Hi buddy, Sometimes back I have got a strange problem in my networked computers.

The logic is to check if it as a browser related problem.

All my web browsers had the same issue which confirmed, this is not a browser problem.

The problems i experience are: *not showing hidden files and folders *opening of drives in separate window I tried to fix these problems using methods provided in Troublefixers.com, but of no use. @Santosh See the links below, it may help: and hii abhi, even i am facing a similar pblm like i canot view hidden files and folders…

Also update your anti-virus definitions and run a full system scan, it may fix up the problem.

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