Trillian useful for adult chat

But I did take time to quickly tap out a response to people who replied to the spam coming from my hijacked account. Because took the time and effort to give me a heads up that I had a problem. I figured these people knew they’d been compromised and I didn’t need to respond.

So I put the problem on the back burner and proceeded to have a fun family day. The thing is, I’d gotten a number of these same emails lately from other hacked Yahoo accounts.

I Have Good Friends I didn’t want our day at the Zoo ruined, me staring into my phone resetting passwords and figuring out what happened.

Here are the two important lessons I learned as a result.

We are at a red light on Sloat Boulevard when my phone started to vibrate.

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The Live chat module only exists on the You Tube watch pages — it does not follow embedded players. Viewers can choose between two views of Live chat at any time.Viewers cannot post special characters, URLs or HTML tags.You can review chat activity in You Tube Analytics.Viewers are limited to 200 characters and a maximum of 3 submissions every 30 seconds.Event owners are not subject to the frequency threshold.

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