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Before being eligible for gender reassignment surgery in Thailand, patients must prove that they have been “living as a woman” for at least one year, Greechart says, including dressing like a woman and taking female replacement hormones.

Last June, the United States demoted Thailand to Tier 3, the lowest category in the , saying the national government is making little effort to comply with minimum standards to fight human trafficking.These are some of the 250 women who come daily to the center, run by the Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd Sisters, to gain skills they hope will give them an alternative to earning money in Thailand's sex tourism trade.Many think helping women get out of lives of prostitution "means you rehabilitate them, take them out of the bar," said Sr.A male-to-female sex change operation at Yanhee – one of Thailand’s best-known cosmetic surgery hospitals, where document runners glide through the hallways on roller skates – costs between Bt240,000 and Bt320,000, depending on the surgical method used. Smaller, less reputable clinics might charge as little as Bt45,000.

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