Ted dibiase jr and maryse dating

Wrestling INC: You were in a high-profile match at Wrestle Mania 26 [against Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes].You were then part of the battle royal at Wrestle Mania 27. It's hard because we put in the grind and the midcard guys and the lower-tiered guys, there at all the house shows, all the European tours.Just to get trademarks and looking at a lot of travel. We went to Caesars Palace, we're trying to book Madison Square Garden, take my dad back there where he wrestled Hulk Hogan. Not only for the fans as much as it is for people that are watching this film that had struggles.If you know the story, if you've heard my dad speak, you know that he gets extremely long-winded so I apologize on his behalf. Wrestling INC: You're spending a lot of time going back and looking at some of the places where your father had some of his legendary matches and angles.They had seen it and they called and we had a couple conversations with them. And, I was amazed, I really got excited when I saw how well Pete did putting that trailer together. I've never been there with my dad, although I'd always heard stories. We've got a few more things we need to film as well. We've got a couple other things that we need to put into this so it's going to take a little more time but we're close to the finish line on this.They were asking about if we were interested in doing a reality show. Wrestling INC: When you started in November, about how complete was the movie? We filmed some stuff for a few days and then by the time I landed in Jackson, Mississippi the next day, he'd already put together that trailer. Wrestling INC: And so fans can go to kickstarter and support the project. Is it going to be used to do more interviews and things like that, or just overall production?I am, of course, talking about the Million Dollar Couple, Ted Di Biase and Maryse. However, not everyone thinks so highly of this young talent.Now, please understand that I am in no way, shape, or form a Di Biase hater like many people seem to be. It seems that the higher-ups in the WWE notice that, perhaps, there is something missing with him.

I think the decision to put the Million Dollar belt on me was terrible. And there was really no story or direction or goal going forward with that. And that really bugs me because I was working hard, going above and beyond and somebody with a pen and is writing the script is really determining how successful I'm going to be. So now I'm doing things that I'm being rewarded for based on how hard I'm working, and that's rewarding for me. Unless that can change, I'm pretty happy where I'm at. It is the only place you wanna be unless you're one or two of the other guys at the other show that have good contracts, but it is what it is.

I was like, "I don't know." None of those things are out of the question. Dibiase: Yeah, the overall production, the editing is a lot of time.

Yeah, it generated buzz and we kept working on this thing. There is a lot of traveling and there is a lot of license fees and you got to build websites and do editing and sound. A lot of time goes in the editing, a lot of studio hours, license fees, lawyer fees.

Click here for part one of the interview, where Dibiase discussed his time with WWE, if he was pushed too quickly, his legendary father, Daniel Bryan's success and more. Also, you can help support , which features both Ted Dibiase Jr. The film takes a look at Ted Di Biase Jr.'s journey to learn his father's road to redemption, while spotlighting Ted Di Biase Sr.'s life and wrestling career.

The goal is to raise ,000 by April 25th to fund the project.

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