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I've just been digging into this, and I believe me already supports what is required to get this working.You create the me alias as "[user-name]" as you already have, but instead of creating the menu path "user/[user-name]" you create it as "user/%". I'd love your feedback if you are still trying to achieve this.sorry to re-open..Vamos por-te a dançar até de manhã com os Dj's Magazino (bloop) e José Belo (bloop) e VJ's H-collective.É já esta noite, a partir das 23.00 na Sala das Colunas na LX Factory. Todos os estudantes universitários que queiram passar uma bela noite e mostrar que dariam um belo poster.Explicamos: o Mu está convencido de que cada ser humano é provido de uma particularidade tal que podia ser imortalizado num poster, do género: Teresa a estudiosa; Carlos o graxista; Hélder o hiperactivo; Cristina a baldas, etc., etc.

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You could use something like user/%, but that will not be replaced with the user name, it will simply show there uid.

Returning to a cyber relationship, after that first real-world meeting, can be something of a shock. There is little doubt that the feelings and emotions we experience with "online" love are very much the same as any other I'll take you home to meet my Mother. A solid foundation of first impressions, Structured walls of growth and development. She'll fall off the face of the earth trying to catch a star for you.

I just read that and wasn't going to comment on it, but because mrgrimm has opened the poem online dating, I want to admit that I felt bad about mocking the line break thing, especially after reading all the rest of the poems and continually being touched the imagery in some. There comes a time when two people have to meet in Real Life…. This is how we get pickier as we age—pattern-recognition, the erosion of goodwill.

Para já, vamos cruzar os dedos e fazer figas com muita força para que ele apareça na Festa Momentos de Pura Verdade powered by Mundo Universitário.

I installed Content Profile and Content Profile User Regstration.

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