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Harmonixers are people who can fuse with gods and demons to become extremely powerful.Don’t worry, there are only four or five harmonixers in the series, and their nature is actually explained.The first thing you can do as you can see, choosing to stay in this country as it would.As it so happens, the attack on Yuri was part of a scheme by a secret society called Sapientes Gladio, which, like any respectable secret society, is up to no good.The monster is actually a young man named Yuri Hyuga (the antihero and protagonist of the first Shadow Hearts), who has the power to assume the form of a wide variety of creatures and is safeguarding the village from invasion.Not willing to take defeat lying down, the Germans soon send Karin back in, along with a mysterious cardinal named Nicholai who's armed with a holy artifact.The most likely and canon ending is bittersweet, and leads into Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Oh, and it came out a week before Shadow Hearts is about Yuri Hyuga, a half-Japanese, half-Russian harmonixer in pre-WWI Europe and Asia.

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They’re joined by Anastasia, Gepetto, and Joachim Valentine (Keith Valentine’s brother, who is a flamboyant pro wrestler who fights under the name “Grand Papillion”). Sort-of-yes, that Gepetto (he’s an old puppeteer who attacks using a puppet replica of his dead daughter). What follows is a romp through Japan with some fun character moments and plenty of side quests.

It’s a palpable tonal shift that helps explore who Yuri is as a character while following a seemingly innocuous minor character from the first game.

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