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The Court noted that although the mother asked the Court to affirm on the alternative grounds of inconvenient forum, this issue was never argued and the trial court never considered it.The Takeaway This case provides clarification that New Hampshire will continue to hear parenting matters even after New Hampshire is no longer the “home state” of the child. The opinion notes that most states have determined that the “significant connection” requirement in the act can be met so long as the parent that remains in the state exercises some parenting time.

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A family may spend each Thanksgiving with paternal grandparents, Easter with a favorite uncle and Christmas Eve at church services with maternal grandparents. However, if parents divorce, kids are split, often into alternating holidays.For example, the non-holiday parent can bring the children to an Easter egg hunt, fireworks, or a haunted house adventure during their parenting time.I appreciate when judges talk to the parties at the end of the hearing.However, parents that consented to a guardianship had an easier path to termination of the guardianship.Parents who consented retained their status as a “fit parent” and were entitled to the Troxel v.

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    Other parents went to extreme lengths to save their child and preserve their family’s dignity.

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