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A few days after Pearl Harbor, a new siren was installed in Council to serve as a fire and air raid alarm.Military experts were saying that attacks by enemy planes this far inland were very probable, and blackout instructions were issued.Until communities were big enough, and organized enough, to afford such luxuries as bridges, travelers used fords on smaller rivers, and ferries on larger ones.Railroads were the only mode of transport that was fairly dependable.It cuts down the hill and across the old paved highway.

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The basic route that the Mosers established was used up until about 1920, and is still visible in the first canyon east of the present highway.

For over a year now, the museum board has been diligently investigating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand the space available for the museum's exhibits.

The room we have is inadequate for even the present collection, not to mention other heirlooms that would be donated or loaned if space were available.

Some, like the Ridge school house, have begun to lean precariously ... That's why I'm researching and writing their stories.

That's why the Council museum exists, and why it is so important to support it.

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