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According to the NSHR report covering the 2006 calendar year, they received numerous complaints of beatings, humiliation, confiscation of personal property and unnecessary body searches and the use of coercion to sign confessions.During the year according to Human Rights Watch (HRW), the press reported 153 beheadings of individuals who were convicted of murder, narcotics‑related offenses, and armed robbery, as well as of rape, sorcery and adultery.According to the NSHR, detainees andprisoners were subjected to torture, abuse, and violence during interrogation and were coerced into signing confessions.During the year, the nonlicensed domestic human rights group Human Rights First reported that during the past four years there was a significant decline in the use of torture in prisons including the formal banning of the use of torture and dismissal of some officials who failed to implement this ban.MOI officials were responsible for most alleged incidents of physical abuse and torture of prisoners, including beatings, lashings, and suspension from bars by handcuffs.On April 18, an Internet news site posted five video clips of a prison guard beating prisonersat the al‑Ha'ir Correctional Facility.The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a monarchy, ruled by the Al Saud family, with a population of 22.7 million, including 6.1 million foreigners.

Limitations on the rights of foreign workers remained a severe problem.On May 23, religious police allegedly beat to death 28‑year‑old Suleiman al-Huraisi who was detained for the possession and sale of alcohol.After a three-month investigation, MOI officials charged two members of the religious police.During the week of August 5, a Bangladeshi man died in Medina while in the custody of the religious police.They arrested him for allegedly washing a car while he should have been attending prayers.

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