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) decided to end the pain and declare the contest over.

Throughout the bout, the commentators shouted and even got up out of their chairs and ran around, and somebody set off small explosions on the set to add to the illusion that something interesting was happening.

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This is her power saver mode." My favorite part of Sam Esmail's writing has always been the way he re-purposes the language of coding and tech to describe human emotions, and this might be the most beautiful example yet.But Esmail (who is as politically outspoken as you'd expect in real life) is not going to pass up the opportunity to use Donald Trump in his alt-reality horror story.And so, Elliot wonders, as we cut to a montage of 2017 horrors (Trump, Pence, Brexit, the wall), what could happen now that he's set this dark future into motion? In the end, though, it was clear that we are still at least 200 years away from technology catching up with cartoons when it comes to robot battles.Why do I, or any other human, get sore and cracked heels?

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