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Once there are a few members, we hope to begin to have socials in some public place in this area.Please don't bother to join if you are not living on or around Bruce Peninsula.As of March 2008, there are several dozen polyamory meetups listed (not all are active).You need to register at Meet, choose a location, and specify your interest groups to find out where meetups are going to be.They have a regular discussion meeting in the greater Durban area. E stands for Polyamorous persons Undertaking Respectful Pursuit Of Self Exploration.

A forum to discuss strategies and issues related to building healthy and happy poly/non-monogamous relationships.

Offers support and discussion meeting, e-mail discussion lists on yahoo, and other events.

Open to polyamorous, poly-curious, or poly-friendly adults, 19 years or older, all genders and orientations.

We welcome any communication about polyamory and the issues that come up for those living a poly lifestyle.

Personal ads are welcome, as long as they are tasteful.

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