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Check out the preview video to the right before downloading.If Kim doesn't fit your bill, Farrah Abraham also has a tape, watch it over at Farrah Abraham sex tape!Ray J has grown up a lot since his 2003 sex tape with Kim Kardashian ... We got the singer out Monday night at Craig's and asked if he'd seen Kylie Jenner's alleged sex tape with Tyga -- which turned out to be a hoax.Doesn't sound like he's keeping up with the Kardashians all that much anymore ...Ray J doesn't hold back when it comes to writing about their sex life, either."We were like animals; sexually free to try anything, and we did.First her sex tape with the singer leaked, and now he's cashing in on their former relationship with a tell-all book -- hinting that she cheated on her first husband, Damon Thomas, with him.In "Death of a Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray," the 31-year-old musician isn't exactly covert when he refers to an ex-girlfriend he dated for two years as "KK." The initials match Kardashian's, as does the time frame of their relationship.

"She wanted to know where I was at all times," he writes."She literally thought I was cheating with every girl I ran across." Of course, he was cheating on her, but said since she cheated on her husband with him, he never trusted her. The book was released just weeks after Ray J's most recent girlfriend, Whitney Houston, passed away.Before her funeral, he said he'd spent the past few days trying to "process the emptiness that I feel." Although Kardashian hasn't commented on Ray J's book (and not-so-subtle references to their relationship), a source told Kardashian began dating New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries in December 2010 after watching him play basketball in late November.The pair took their fast-moving relationship to the next level when Humphries proposed -- on camera for her E!reality show, of course -- in May and they wed on August 20, 2011.

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