Questions before dating someone

You should also ask yourself what are you most proud of and most passionate about.Feeling confident in yourself and being able to speak energetically and engagingly about a topic is a big turn on when dating.” Remember the popular phrase, "You have to love yourself before someone else can love you?Honestly, what’s the point of dating if you don’t see some sort of future with them?You might not need to see wedding bells, but if you can’t picture yourself with this person for at least the next few months, save yourself the trouble and cut ties now.It might take a little bit more than just being able to daydream about a steamy hookup with this person, but it certainly won’t hurt anything to have that extra connection!

If the answer is no, you might want to reconsider pursuing a dating relationship with them.Before you can even attempt to start dating someone new, it’s best to sit back and reflect on what your personal goals are for a potential relationship.Are you interested in finding something serious, or would you prefer more of a hookup-only scenario?“If I don’t think they’ll get along, I don’t want to waste my time developing feelings just to have to cut things off later.I wouldn’t want to date someone who doesn’t want to come hang out with me and my parents for a casual night in; that’s such an important aspect of a relationship for me!

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