Proper etiquette for dating

Understanding wedding invitation etiquette can save you a whole lot of stress—even if you decide to break some of the more old fashioned rules.

There are a lot of emotions involved in weddings, and wedding invitation etiquette is at the top of the list.

(And pray for hook-ups that end in storybook romances. (Word this nicely, and stay away from things that read along the lines of “NO KIDS PLEAZ.”) You can also call loved ones with kids to talk about it in person. If you dress code is “Black Tie” or “Semi Formal” or “The ceremony will take place on grass, so please make footwear choices accordingly,” just put the information on your wedding website, or on an insert card in your invitation.Or, of course, you can send out cute note cards or magnets or whatever creative trinket your heart desires. Here is one word of warning about save-the-dates: if you send them out way in advance, and your ideas about the wedding change, you may well be stuck with the guest list you’ve got.But only spend cash money on save-the-dates if you really want to. Sure, you can send out notes saying you called it all off and went to the courthouse with your families.If you want a deep dive on smart and proper (kinda feminist) wedding invitation wording, you can check out the #APWplanner. While we’ve gone in depth on wedding invitation wording in the past, the real key is just to remember to legibly communicate who, what, where, and when.But the short version is you can use honorifics or skip them. Old school traditional etiquette insists that you never include any information on your wedding registry, because that should only be spread by word of mouth.

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