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Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. This quantity is important in geotechnical engineering, particularly for finding the expected settlement of foundations and embankments.It was seen that the vacuum technology applies well to sensitive Champlain Sea clays and could thus be used in future projects, even under cold environment.However, the observations showed very similar behaviours under both embankments, apparently contradicting laboratory behaviour.Preparing a site for construction requires an initial compression of the soil to prepare for foundation to be added.See "Modeling Volume Change and Mechanical Properties with Hydraulic Models," from the Soil Science Society of America (link in references) for a more involved mathematical model based on Casagrande's method combining principles from soil mechanics and hydraulics.

paper, which may be bonded to the thermoplast, the amt.

The preconsolidation pressure can help determine the largest overburden pressure that can be exerted on a soil without irrecoverable volume change.

This type of volume change is important for understanding shrinkage behavior, crack and structure formation and resistance to shearing stresses.

Various different factors can cause a soil to approach its preconsolidation pressure: Preconsolidation pressure is used in many calculations of soil properties essential for structural analysis and soil mechanics.

One of the primary uses is to predict settlement of a structure after loading.

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