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But even so, I wore my bathrobe into the bathroom and shower room and I only showered at about midnight, when no one else was there." I could not resist. She came into the girls' bathroom late, when I thought I would be alone. Fat and with a square face and dropped-straight hair.

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I don't get how they didn't see I was cracking up... I exploded out of there, heaving myself against them. Now, the long thighs and shaggy bellies are pushed forward in a slouch, the torpid breasts are sedate and spreading on slack torsos, and the pretty blond faces have declined to form slight double chins in the collapsed curve of ease of their bodies. Between sex dramas there's nothing—almost nothing, except maintenance work like getting some money, exercising, doing my hair, and getting treatments for my skin. She glanced a moment at the spreading blondish pelt of fur on her belly and seemed to shrug slightly. She said, "Stephanie, your whole life became your sexuality and what it meant. " "My whole life became sex for everything, for every decision, for my whole non-career! "You expressed all your own new feelings about sex through your big sister, and what she was doing. Both are big, full-breasted girls, Sandra and Susan, mother and daughter-but notably muscle-toned. " "Sounds exhausting, Sis," drawled Susan, managing to open her eyes for a second or two. " said Sandra suddenly, pulling herself upright, consciously squaring her shoulders so that her jumbo breasts resumed their glorious defiance of gravity. In high school, my only sexual activity was crawling out my upstairs window onto the porch roof and sneaking over to look in your window while you jerked yourself off." "Okay," said Susan. She resumed her slump and I noticed that her breasts nevertheless had an assertive fullness, raised and round on her torso, the nipples fleshy even in relaxation. I'm standing there, bare ass, dripping, weeping, hauling at the doorknob. "And then, the door of the girls' bathroom opens and they all traipse out. I'm folded up in two, leaning against my door, crying, barely daring to look at them. She says, and it's really, you know, not like teasing, really wondering... I got to tell you, my boyfriend has the hots for you.' "'Mine, too!

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