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“I started praying by her bed, and suddenly I felt like a hit on my neck.And nothing else.” That was the same night that Grupo Colina, a death squad acting on behalf of then-President Alberto Fujimori, abducted nine students and one professor from La Cantuta on allegations that they were affiliated with armed groups. After torturing and executing the victims, the death squad buried their bodies.“The Public Ministry is unable to provide that for these cases.” Other state institutions, like the Defense Ministry, have hindered his office’s work, he added.“We constantly ask for information so that we can continue with the investigation and finally determine the identity of the perpetrators.“We keep searching for justice that dignifies our loved ones, and all of us as a society,” Carolina said during her speech.“There’s still much to achieve in terms of justice and reparations.” The 32-year-old geneticist is clad in black and wears opaque sunglasses.Peruvians are best placed to answer these questions, and ICTJ set out to listen to their reflections.Carolina Oyague stood next to the Eye that Cries, an imposing stone sculpture in Lima to commemorate the victims of violence.

The CVR released its final report in 2003, and 10 years later, ICTJ takes an in-depth look at the impact the commission’s work has had on Peruvian society.

As public pressure to know what happened grew in the following days, the perpetrators secretly exhumed some of the bodies, burned their remains in an attempt to avoid their identification, and reburied them in a different location.

“We immediately started searching for Dora everywhere, in every police and military station,” Carolina said.

She was a student at Enrique Guzmán y Valle University, better known as La Cantuta, on the outskirts of Lima.

On July 18, 1992, Dora and Carolina were to attend a friend’s birthday party, but Dora never showed up.

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