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AFL players are among the fittest athletes there are, and Brad Johnson was getting on in years, so an ideal person to ask how he stays at it. We stood in the middle of a windswept Melbourne field, while he ran around happily – and a miserable sponsor’s rep told me to hurry up. The big smile reveals a character that has won him the best and fairest award three times – but conceals a gritty work ethic that keeps him running hard even at the end of games, and playing at the top of the game at 32. The following pages reveal not only a scary and efficient stretching and stamina training regimen, but years of sacrifice: hardly any alcohol, one burger a week and never, ever letting it slide: “You can’t afford to – training’s hard enough as it is, so if you’re out of shape, you fall right behind everyone else and it’s too hard to make that ground up again.” And we haven’t even got to the yo-yo test yet… ________ Brad Johnson, captain of the Western Bulldogs and very nice bloke.I’ve had to play through certain things during my career, but I just battle on and keep attacking every contest like I would if I was fit and healthy, and normally I get through it.” “The game has changed a lot since I started; it’s quicker now and there’s a lot more rotations.Training is now more structured on an individual basis – not everyone does the same thing.I rely on my preparation and on the guys around me that we’re going to perform well. I just know physically what I’ve done during the week and that helps my mind know that I’m ready to play.” 1.Recovery: “All our training in-season is based on recovery.

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10-11am We’ll have a skills session and then that’s it for the day.

The core and the legs to hold yourself in the contest; the upper body, especially bench press, so that you’re strong in the contest.” “My fitness is because of my work ethic, it’s certainly not natural.

I’ve always enjoyed running, say, a 400m or an 800m, but to go a bit further, it’s harder work.

You might run over, say, 40m – a cone at 10m, 20m, 30m and 40m. You might do your shuttles, then five minutes rest, then some sprint efforts – five to eight efforts over 100m. That recovery is very important – make sure you give it enough time, whether it’s a walk back or a drink, then go again. Late afternoon: jump in the ice bath, then head home and relax. 1pm Have an opposition meeting, where we look at who we’re playing for the next game.

Run to the first cone, back to the start, run to the second cone, back to the start… The ice bath is very unpleasant – probably the worst part of our footy. I normally use that day to catch up with a few people, but most guys will at least come to the club and do massage and physio on the day as well. Most guys will bring their lunch, or we’ll have it supplied. Thursday 8.30 Wake up early and get to the club for a weights session.

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