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(vi) The terms or conditions of any futures contract.

(vii) The terms or conditions of any swaps contract; provided that such terms or conditions conform to and are not inconsistent with applicable Contract Market requirements. NFA shall not communicate any statement as its official position, view or opinion to a legislative body on any matter pending or contemplated to be pending before such body, except with the prior approval of the Board.

Five (5) elected representatives of registered Commodity Pool Operators and registered Commodity Trading Advisors that are NFA Members, including at least three (3) representatives of CPOs or CTAs that rank within the top 20 percent, one (1) of which must rank within the top 5 percent of CPOs or CTAs reporting any funds under management allocated to futures and swaps (as defined in Article XVIII) on NFA Form PQR and NFA Form PR as of June 30 of the prior calendar year.

Seven (7) elected representatives of registered or provisionally registered Swap Dealers, registered or provisionally registered Major Swap Participants and registered Retail Foreign Exchange Dealers, divided as follows: (i) At least three (3) representatives of SDs that are Large Financial Institutions, as of June 30 of the prior calendar year.

(ii) In the event that there are more than four (4) Contract Market Members with annual transaction volume during the prior calendar year of more than 1,000,000: (a) One representative of each Contract Market Member ranked in the top three (3) Contract Market Members based on annual transaction volume during the prior calendar year.

(b) One (1) elected representative of Contract Market Members with annual transaction volume during the prior calendar year of more than 1,000,000 that are not included in Section 2(a)(ii)(a) above.

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The adoption, administration and enforcement as to the following persons of requirements regarding fair practice and designed to prevent fraudulent and manipulative acts and practices, to promote just and equitable principles of trade and, in general, to protect the public interest (i) Members that are registered with the Commission as Futures Commission Merchants, Commodity Pool Operators, Commodity Trading Advisors, Introducing Brokers, Leverage Transaction Merchants, Retail Foreign Exchange Dealers, Swap Dealers or Major Swap Participants; and (ii) Associates (See Article XVIII). Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 2(a) of this Article, the adoption with respect to its Members that are Futures Commission Merchants, Introducing Brokers, Leverage Transaction Merchants, Retail Foreign Exchange Dealers, Swap Dealers or Major Swap Participants of financial and related requirements designed to protect against insolvency, bankruptcy, or unsafe or unsound financial condition of such Members; the conduct, directly or through agents, of audits and reviews of the financial condition and related matters of such Members; and the adjudication and enforcement of compliance with NFA's financial and related requirements for all such Members, except as may otherwise be provided under Commission Regulations: , it is expressly understood that Contract Markets and Clearing Organizations shall have the right to adopt, administer and enforce financial and related requirements governing the eligibility of Members for membership privileges on such Contract Markets or Clearing Organizations. The adoption and administration of a fair and equitable procedure through arbitration or otherwise for the voluntary settlement of customers' claims or grievances against Members described in paragraph (a) above, their employees, and Associates, in accordance with Section 17(b)(10) of the Act, or claims or grievances of such Members or Associates against customers, or claims or grievances between or among such Members or Associates: , no such procedure shall apply to the settlement of a claim or grievance where the parties, by valid and binding agreement, have committed themselves to the resolution of such claim or grievance in a forum other than NFA, or where parties having claims or grievances between or among themselves are required by Contract Market rules to submit the controversy to the settlement procedures of such Contract Market. The adoption of appropriate standards with respect to such training, experience and other qualification requirements as NFA deems necessary and appropriate to insure the fitness of Members and Associates; the development and administration of written proficiency examinations of Members and Associates; and, with the approval of the Commission, the administration of the registration of Members, Associates and any other persons required to be registered with the Commission.

Section 2: Composition of the Board until the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors Held in February 2016.

Until the regular annual meeting of the Board of Directors as set forth in Bylaw 506 (hereinafter "regular annual meeting of the Board" or "Board's regular annual meeting") held in February 2016, the Board of Directors shall be comprised as follows: (i) In the event that there are four (4) or less Contract Market Members having annual transaction volume during the prior calendar year of more than 1,000,000, then one representative of each such Contract Market Member.

The number of contracts entered into on a Contract Market shall be adjusted where necessary because of differences in sizes of contracts (e.g., one 5,000 oz.

contract for a particular commodity would equal five 1,000 oz.

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