Nintendo wii error 32016 updating

[Curt Coder] -tiki100: Added BUSRQ, BUSAK, and EXIN to the expansion bus. Ulivi] -Fix to allow mips3 exceptions to detect branch delay slots for setting EPC.Minor cleanup/correction for n64.c [Happy] -Added Siemens Sicomp PC16-05 BIOS ROM (Multitech MPF-PC/700 mainboard) [rfka01] -Split cat.c into separate drivers for canon cat and iai swyft.0.167 ------- MAMETesters Bugs Fixed ---------------------- - 00100: [Sound] (galdrvr.c) froggermc: After starting a game, the sound cuts off. -adding ROM dump of Commodore MPS-1000 dot matrix printer [Felipe Sanches] -dvk_ksm: update memory map, rom checksums.(Osso) - 05596: [Color/Palette] (thunderj.c) thunderj & clones: palette problem in the briefing (hap) - 06049: [Gameplay] (ibmpcjr.c) ibmpcjr [kingqst, mouser, pitfall2, scubavnt] : some softlist games are broken (crazyc) Source Changes -------------- -piggypas.c: fixed CPU type, added layout and some inputs. [shattered] -ec1840, ec1841: clean up memory options [shattered] -Victor 9000 Keyboard: Added two key labels I realized I'd forgotten.Fixes speech in TI Extended Basic [Lord Nightmare] -wackygtr: added inputs and internal layout.[Sandro Ronco] -Aristocrat MKV driver: Added the undumped PLD devices to Adonis (parent) ROM_LOAD since is running in the same hardware than the recent added clon.That added a whole new feature to the game where players can find out where their Pokemon was caught.However, the information is unfortunately rather vague, as the game pretty much only tells you the city you got the Pokemon in.

But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution? [Sandro Ronco] -firebeat: add proper dongle dumps for kbm3rd, pop4 and popn5 [Guru, Ville Linde] -Fix reversion for PI. Updated comments to be more clear about keys with multiple contacts underneath but only one metal contact on the key.Noted in comments that the symbolic and mode keys on the numeric keypad (except for decimal point) are beige, not white.[Roberto Fresca] -Aristocrat MKV driver: Added PCB ASCII layout and components description. [Roberto Fresca] -Aristocrat MKV driver improvements [Roberto Fresca] Added the undumped ST93C46 serial EEPROMS to Adonisa, and added a placeholder to the parent set for the same devices, flagged as NO_DUMP.Added master crystal via #define, and derived the CPU clock. -saa5050: graphics generator and character rounding [Nigel Barnes] * implemented graphics generator, no longer read from fake ROM * added character rounding * improved control code handling * added ROMs for variants saa5051, saa5053, saa5054, saa5055, saa5056, saa5057 -osborne1: add SCREEN-PAC support [Vas Crabb] * implement 104-column and pseudo-80-column modes * correct scrolling in 52-column mode according to schematics * approximate scrolling in 104-column and pseudo-80-column modes * rework Osborne 1 memory and I/O maps to match schematics -bbc: floppy formats and rom updates [Nigel Barnes] * improved ssd, dsd handling * added Acorn DOS and CPM formats * added known good rom configuration for acw443 (Cambridge Workstation) * removed some BAD_DUMP flags -bbc: various softlists [Nigel Barnes] * bbca_cass - new titles and additional info added * bbcb_cass - new titles and additional info added * bbcb_flop - preliminary list containing test cases * bbcm_flop - preliminary list * bbc_32016_flop - requires additional hardware emulated * bbc_65c102_flop - requires additional hardware emulated * bbc_80186_flop - requires additional hardware emulated * bbc_arm_flop - requires additional hardware emulated * bbc_z80_flop - requires additional hardware emulated * pro128s_flop - all known available dumps -bbc: fdc intrq/drq causes nmi [Nigel Barnes] -HLSL changes [Im Jezze] * Unified HLSL render pipline for raster and vector graphics * simplified draw call of render pass functions * reduced number of used render targets from 7 to 4 (2 native and 2 pre-scaled) * made render pass functions (nearly) independent from each other * unified render pipeline for raster and vector graphics, which means that all effects are now also available for vector graphics (except scan-lines) * removed/replaced by * removed CU_PHOSPHOR_IGNORE uniform, which was only used in phosphor pass function and is now directly set * added CU_TARGET_DIMS uniform based on the current render target * added CU_QUAD_DIMS uniform based on the current full screen polygon quad * removed pre-scale knowledge from shaders * fixed DX9 related half pixel offset in most shaders * reduced shadow mask color bleeding * fixed defocus strength with different pre-scales * added slight noise to bloom effect to reduce the color banding of lower bloom levels * fixed position of reflection effect when screen is rotated or flipped * fixed roundness and size of rounded corners in any aspect ratio * added distortion pass, which is applied after the bloom pass and moved curvature, vignetting, rounded corners and reflection effect to this pass * fixed bloom stair-step artifacts when screen is curved * added smooth border effect and option, its amount is limited by the amount of rounded corners * added bloom overdrive effect and options, this effect allows to overdrive pure colors like red, green and blue to become more brighter * merged vector and raster bloom options, use or to distinguish * added and to parse_standard_inis() * added bounds() and screen_bounds() getter to layout_view * added current_view() getter to render_target * many other small changes and refactoring * fixed vector intensity * fixed vector flicker * replace beam width by beam width min. width, this makes it possible to create a linear dynamic beam width by the amount of intensity of the beam * added beam intensity weight, this adds an exponential factor to the dynamic beam width (values greater than 0 will push larger intensities more than smaller intensities) * fixed ratio of "vector points" (zero-length lines) -psxcd: Declaring ROM images for the CDROM controller MCU.

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