Mysql slave invalidating query cache entries table

# My SQL programs look for option files in a set of locations which depend on the deployment platform.

You can copy this option file to one of those locations.

# This is for a large system with memory = 512M where the system runs mainly My SQL.

Then, with statement based replication, it becomes easier to perform offline advanced schema changes, or large data updates. We plan to also support row based replication in the future, and adapt our tools to provide the same features when possible. Vitess rewrites ‘UPDATE’ SQL statements to always know what rows will be affected.

For instance, this statement: With this rewrite in effect, we know exactly which rows are affected, by primary key, and we also document them as a SQL comment.

Although I am sure this is a perennial topic in this group, I would like to start (yet another) discussion on optimization of

I really don't understand mysql at all, and I have found even the slightest change to the settings has a massive impact on my server performance. Load on server is still very light as it is barely into beta testing.

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