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i mean if you just want to be with yourself and your friends, why would you even go out?

i would have to say that the tulipe has been pretty fun place to be.

Facebook Let me put a disclaimer on this date spot: only head here in the summer. Well, that's when La petite idée-fixe's terrasse is open, which is arguably the only reason to head to the dive bar on Parc.

That, and the cheap beer, which combine to make La petite idée-fixe an no-stress "lets just drink and chat in the sun" kind of date.

when I usually dump them after a first night of fun..

I am a snake don't trust me that is what line I use. course I also heard that there was a prositute ring in there so..hook ups might be money deals ;)Sir Winston's..boyz line up outside the lady's room grabbing at your as you're trying to make your way there.

Not to seem slutty or anything, but I seriously can't even remember how many first dates I've had at Waverly, and while my dates have always varied in quality, the venue has retained a constant level of awesome.

but places where you can go and actually talk to someone are pretyy hard to find, at lest i don't know too many...

Personnaly i am always amazed at the amount of people who go out in Montreal but seem to absolutalty not want ot meet anyone new...

It seems that if you go to a bar that means you want some...... Its really funny when you see these people trying to pick each other up and their drunk. If I say which bar is the hotspot, then all the guys are going to flock there, giving me more competition, and all the women are going to stay away because they don't want guys hitting on them. EVERY bar is the best pick up bar if you know how to connect with people and make sure they're comfortable with you and don't view youas a threat.

I don't know how many times I had to tell men no...they don't seem to understand that word unless you yell at them and ask "what part of no did you not understand? I usually try to avoid any bar that is seen as a "pickup" spot.

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