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Or it could roll out features meant to enhance the business user’s experience.

But nothing like that is in development yet, we should clarify. Me competes with a handful of peer-to-peer payment apps, including Square Cash, as well as payment options offered by Facebook (in Messenger), Google (in Gmail and Google Wallet) and Snapchat (powered by Square Cash, in the app).

We’ll collect feedback, and based on that we’ll iterate and make product improvements and features,” notes Colbeci.

Globally, adults are owed some billion in total, but most tend to feel uncomfortable asking others to pay them back. Me doesn’t eliminate the need for the ask, of course, but it offers an easier way for those who owe money to send a payment.

Underage kids can look at anything.” He and Hannah believe it is “empowering” and say it’s only society that judges sharing nudes as “morally wrong”.

Jesse has previously made headlines in Australia for an art project in which he took photos of his own penis to show other men how “gross” unsolicited photos are, as well as a live installation on the sex cam industry.

paypal.me/), which can then be shared with others via text, over email, on instant messenger, via social media, or anywhere else, as a way to request money.

This is not Pay Pal’s only entry into the peer-to-peer payments space, of course.

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