Homestuck dating sim

Also, if This Very Wiki is anything to go by, he's very, quotable. The Formspring accounts are archived here, and some of the deleted Tumblr posts are archived here.

It's abundantly clear that Hussie is a man who knows his tropes really, ) plays with, subverts, double-subverts, deconstructs, exaggerates, hangs lampshades on, and otherwise works the hell out of the conventions of multiple genres at the same time. He previously maintained two Formspring accounts and a Tumblr blog.

Because maybe if you love him hard enough you can convince him that it's something he deserves.

When he moved to your town a year ago, you never would have guessed you'd be where you are now.

On a more lighthearted note: Tally, when are you going to stop writing dumb, corny, self-indulgent AU shipfic? You like how easily clever insults roll off his tongue.

In my defense, it is my birthday and I can write dumb, corny, self-indulgent AU shipfic if I want to. I am celebrating with bacon cheeseburgers and I guess really terrible romantic cliches. He's perpetually ornery, impossibly neurotic, and twitchier than an angry cat. You love how he'll lose his temper and all of that verbal adroitness will disappear, leaving him flabbergasted and tongue-tied.

The exact point at which your taunts and his snarled ripostes gave way to good-natured banter is indistinct, but the day he asked for your name, you knew the dynamics of your relationship had changed.

You don't have to buy a package to access the premium datelines.

Once the game launches, you can buy individual datelines instead of buying the packaged set.

When you ran out of things to tease him about, you would make small-talk, poking fun at other classmates, which was something he enjoyed as much as you did.

Occasionally, when you were feeling particularly charitable, you'd correct him on the homework.

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