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In the example, the graph is generated from the ajax wrapper.

By the way, I see some issues saying that we have to use the add Data function but there is not add Data function in the series' attributes.

I am trying to do the same thing but I haven't figured it out yet.

At the moment, you have to reach in and manipulate data attributes of the objects in graph.series directly, and then call graph.render(). I did something like that but it is not working (the graph is not updated).

When you do this and enable smooth updating, you eliminate screen flashing and increase the speed of the update.

If you redraw later, Lab Windows/CVI does not redraw the plot area until you perform one of the following operations: , the graph control maintains a pointer to the original array data you originally passed to the plotting function.

Call up the interesting graphs you selected earlier, one at a time, and ask questions to get students to state these ideas.

For example, the graph to the left has certain broad features of Cannon Man’s motion but not the specifics."Any time students try a new tool, we simply have to allow for some play time.

For an additional challenge, you could ask the students to try to graph speed v. When students finish the activity, have a class discussion to highlight the important ideas behind the activity.As the number of existing plots on a graph increases, try to minimize scaling adjustments because the time necessary to recalculate and remap all the existing plots increases.You can minimize delays by disabling autoscaling, thereby preventing the recalculation and remapping of the graph plots. Anti-aliasing causes plots to draw more smoothly, but the plotting speed is slower. To enable anti-aliasing, use the following function: Set Ctrl Attribute (panel Handle, graph Ctrl, ATTR_ENABLE_ANTI_ALIASING, 1); Graphs can refresh data in the following ways: redraw the plot area immediately, redraw the plot later, or not to redraw at all.Starting with the Cannon Man graphs, talk about what their scribbles mean.Lab Windows/CVI automatically disables smooth updating of the graph when you make the color of the plot background transparent or when a visible item overlaps the plot area.

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