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Meaning "sexual intercourse" first attested 1929 (in writings of D. Lawrence); meaning "genitalia" is attested from 1938.For the raw sex appeal of the burlesque "shows" there is no defense, either.If the eggs of the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) are incubated at above 34 degrees Celsius (93° F), all of the offspring become males.If they are incubated below 30 degrees Celsius (86° F), they become females.But this is not the whole story, and it applies universally only to mammals and birds.In other animals sex is often determined by environmental factors and can be a variable phenomenon.

The top porn models earn 10000 dollars per movie, that might be able to make it a little easier to participate :) --Keystroke-ga Does this fall under the statement in the Terms of Service below: "You further agree not to submit questions or comments designed to elicit responses that relate to illegal activity or that infringe upon another party's intellectual property rights." ?In a species of slipper limpet (Crepidula fornicata), a kind of mollusk, all individuals begin life as females.Clinging to rocks and to each other, they form piles. If another limpet attaches itself on top of the male limpet, the newcomer becomes male, and the male limpet beneath it reverts to being female.Also, when the photo was taken, I was actually heading outside.” I frequently receive emails with these types of questions.

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