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For those who want to see them, the plaque on wall Halls are adjacent to the entry portal for section 306.

Half of the upper grandstand is filled with it, in the form of bleacher-style benches, and bleacher seats outnumber traditional plastic chairs.Gate A is behind center field, Gate B is behind first base, Gates C & D are behind home plate, Gate E is behind third base and serves as the stadium's main entrance, and Gate F is in left field, where it serves as the main lawn seating entrance.The concourse is located behind the stadium and is partly covered by the grandstand.They use it, a nearby half-field and the Scottsdale Stadium field for all of their workouts. for fans wanting to watch February practice sessions.Workouts on the adjacent practice field can be glimpsed from the stadium's concourse in the right field corner, although visibility is extremely limited there.

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