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She felt so warm and smooth beneath her cover, her high heels sounding crisp and clear on the floor. That afternoon we had watched the tape of Laurens most recent black mating, our television turned down to cover the noise of her furious and desperate groans. The bull was a slightly older man with greying hair and an enormous cock.His size was indeed so noticeable as to be unsettling.If she was to be Grandma to a healthy, black baby I wanted her to know it. It was unfortunate indeed that she had lost her husband some years ago, now assisting as she did with new couples who wanted to take that last step.As a cuckold couple of just over two years Katarina had been fucked by no less than fifteen black men.I think in that first few months Katarina all but fell in love with the States and it seemed apt when she decided that the father of her child should be a US Bull. Casually I threw Emma a customary smile and went to check.Fortunately, her parents had both lived in Miami for years, not far from where my local branch office was situated. Certainly it was a big move for all of us, especially Chloe but she would adjust. Katarina, my wife of six years was standing in the mirror of our bedroom. I sighed, leaning on the doorframe and running my gaze over her body. Standing a little over 5,6, her figure was beautifully trim with long legs, a tight waistline and prominent breasts that pressed noticeably through her sleek, gold dress.My wifes mother was in the kitchen, washing dishes but she came out on hearing my footsteps. What would she think of our decision had she known? As she came downstairs, balanced on some tall high heels the two women exchanged a familiar warm look. The scent of her rich perfume hung in the air and had my temples pounding. She understood now as much as I did the sexual dominance and superiority of black men as well as their inevitable attraction to and deserving of, good looking white females.Shes been just the same since her teens she said with a joking air. The chance to mix with other wives at Susies was at a perfect time for her. I had a beautiful wife and daughter and a need to share the former.

She hadnt foreseen us having a child together or that my current earnings of 40k a year would keep us very well. All the women in my wifes family where good looking and despite her age Emma was still very attractive.The same deep, sparkling eyes trim waist and big, firm tits.When Katarina had stopped her birth control I had been worried but oddly excited too. It was so good to know there were others: Jane and Carl, Lauren, Denise, Brian and Emily to name but a few. As it was our first time we both had to introduce ourselves.At home she had been seeing a bull named Thomas and it was he who opened the door. A round of applause had circulated as Katarina reiterated her desire to have a black baby. My wife wanted another child more than anything in the world.

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