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The free version has a data size limit of 1oo “shapes” and a further comparison of the limitations of the free version with the purchased version can be viewed on the pricing and order page.Both download versions come with 10,000 maps from the Be Graphics library.

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Unfortunately, Microsoft removed the capabilities of visualizing spreadsheet data using maps via its native map function starting with Office 2000 (for step by step instructions for making a map with older versions of Excel, read the article).The most basic advantage in the use of Microsoft Excel for data analysis is that it helps to order the results.As is known, such type of a technique is only used when large quantity of data is being handled.Heat mapping, filtering subsets of data, and sharing both static and interactive maps with other Office products make up part of the functionality of this add-in.A thirty day trial period is offered for users to try out Arc GIS Online which includes a download to for the Excel add-in. Be Graphics also offers a free “lite” and commercial version of its Excel and Power Point mapping addin.

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