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This policy sets forth guidelines and procedures intended to ensure that the University continues to comply with the Clery Act's reporting disclosure obligation as required by policy and law.This policy applies to all University personnel who have responsibility for an aspect of campus security, and offices and individuals with significant responsibility for student and campus activities as defined in this Policy.University students, University contractors, visitors, and others who are aware of an on-campus Clery Crime are strongly encouraged to report the crime to University Police immediately by calling the campus emergency number: (828) 227-8911.The University must compile and disclose statistics of reports of Clery Crimes for its campus, the immediately adjacent public areas and public areas running through the campus, remote classroom facilities, and certain non-campus facilities."Fire Log" is the log of any fire that occurs in an on-campus student housing facility, which is maintained by the University Police and is subject to public inspection.

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"Daily Crime Log" is the log of any and all alleged criminal incidents that are reported to the University Police Department, which is maintained by the University Police and is subject to public inspection.

"Emergency Notification" means a notification to alert the campus community about significant emergencies or dangerous situations that pose immediate threats to the health and safety of students or University employees.

In reporting crime statistics, the University will classify crimes based on the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI's) Uniform Crime Reporting Handbook (UCR) and in accordance with Clery Act definitions and requirements.

Definitions from the FBI's National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) edition of the UCR will be used for sex offenses.

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