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[ [, is still in service, although its route is slightly different from the original.It also serves the R5 line of the SEPTA Regional Rail system.The Chanticleer Garden, Downtown Wayne Historic District, North Wayne Historic District, Pennsylvania Railroad Station at Wayne, South Wayne Historic District and Wayne Hotel are all located on the National Register of Historic Places.Wayne is located on the Main Line (the Paoli/Thorndale Line on SEPTA Regional Rail).The initial 32 pupils already had experience playing for one of the Union's academy and Juniors teams. Later in the century, the railroad, which owned much of the land surrounding the tracks, encouraged the development of this picturesque environment by building way stations along the portion of its track closest to Philadelphia.

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"Louella" was described as an 8 room stone building with a large porch overlooking manicured lawn. In a brochure from 1887 about their development they noted they had provided Wayne with "water, light and drainage - the three great conveniences of a large city - by the most approved modern methods." They described Wayne Estate as follows: The suburban village known as Wayne, on the Pennsylvania Railroad, fourteen miles from Philadelphia, differs so much from the ordinary town allowed to grow up hap-hazard and to develop conveniences as population increases, that it is necessary, in describing it as it appears, to keep in mind some facts about its history.Those in the northeastern portion of the community in Upper Merion Township attend the Upper Merion Area School District.Students in Radnor Township attend Radnor High School.The surrounding communities became known for the railroad station names which started at Suburban Station in downtown Philadelphia and went on to 30th St.Station , and then the stops were named: Overbrook, Merion, Narberth, Wynnewood, Ardmore, Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Rosemont, Villanova, Radnor, St.

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