Dating for runners

According to an article published in November 2015 by the Johan Cruyff Institute, a sports marketing school, getting Le Bron James to promote your product on his Twitter account can set you back 0,111… And for a professional runner, 5,000 is damn good.When Lets polled its readers to estimate Berian’s salary, several professional runners responded with guesses well below what he was actually offered. “Runners don’t get paid the kind of money that basketball players get paid, so these endorsements, while they’re not free, are really not a huge [financial] burden on the brands, but it gives them credibility and authenticity in the eyes of both the true athlete and the more casual wearer,” says Matt Powell, sports industry analyst with the NPD Group, a global market research firm.For runners fortunate enough to get sponsored by a sneaker company, it’s often their principal source of income.Hence, for most pro runners, a coveted shoe deal will enable them to be a pro runner in the first place.(By comparison, at the time of this writing, Cheserek’s Instagram account was still set to private.) Given this discrepancy, one might wonder about a company’s priorities when it chooses to sponsor an athlete who will be largely unknown to the wider public.The obvious answer is that a pro runner will always be more affordable than a sports icon with global clout; having a runner on your payroll is hardly going to break the bank.

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Your tech-support provider might not be able to fix your shattered smartphone, but at least she won’t shatter your heart.

As the story notes, a sweater can’t reject you or lie about its age or show up to dinner wearing a blaze-orange hunting vest.

The 23-year-old Kenyan, who says he’s still a little dinged up from a long outdoor track season, ran the Fifth Avenue Mile in , finishing in 16th place.

After years of watching “King Ches” tear it up on the college scene, it was a little disorienting to see him not in contention for the win. Skechers had announced that it signed Cheserek during the week leading up to Fifth Avenue, and the company has been upping the ante of its “performance” shoe game for several years.

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