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This allows for girls to be able to freely express their opinion and not have to worry about what certain boys think about what we are wearing or how we look.

“As a student ambassador, I have the responsibility of making AGS a better place and to show visitors what an amazing home and school we have worked so hard to develop over the years.

Sally hopes to continue this service work in international relations and pursue a career in the nonprofit sector.

Middle School Science “I like teaching that science is an ongoing understanding through explanation, sharing, and conversation.

As teachers, we might not immediately see the fruits of our labor because the work we do is gradual.

To some this seems like a disadvantage, but to me it is a strength.I worked at Chestnut Hill as an academic counselor, director of the academic support center, Psychology Department lecturer, and counseling center therapist.My second graduate degree, Science Education, allowed me to teach elementary school Science at an all girls’ school.Because my daughter asked me not to teach at AGS while she was a student, I had an opportunity to teach Science at a nearby K-12 school.“Before teaching at AGS, I co-founded SMART Girls’ Summer Camp.

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