Dating a veterinarian

("Blues for Sister Someone") They continued to see each other, including Finn making Meredith breakfast.

When he asked her about the last guy she dated, she fled.

However, during the prom, she left the area and had sex with Derek in an exam room.

When Finn said he'd drive Meredith home, she was stuck looking between him and Derek.

("Losing My Religion") The day after the prom, Finn came to Meredith's house to see her, but she made an excuse about checking on Izzie to avoid him.

When she came back in, he said he didn't know what happened the previous night and didn't want to know. ("Time Has Come Today") Meredith thought she had chosen Derek, but when Finn showed up at the house to bring Izzie lunch without knowing that Meredith was even there, she saw how great Finn was and thought she might pick him.

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("I Am a Tree") His wife hated that he fished as much as he did.She initially declined, but later showed up at his practice after closing.She said she'd like to go on a date, but he hesitated.Finn's mother was diagnosed with cancer when he was 10 and when she died, his father stopped caring and would only lie down in front of the television with a bottle of scotch.("Damage Case") Derek brought Doc to Finn's office when he became sick.

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