Daba dating banker

As Sakthi seeks revenge, he is arrested and sent to prison, where he is severely beaten by the guards.

While in jail, he is befriended by four young criminals: Pandurangan aka Pandu (Nishanth), Prem Kumar aka Dabba (Theepetti Ganeshan), Mari (Thamizh) and Michael (Sandeep).

He sends a message to his girlfriend, telling her to meet him at a train station so they can elope together.

But while she is waiting for him there, the police finally finds the three boys.

But it turns out there’s not much to suggested that the Times got Punk’d, claiming the site was all part of a ploy for a book deal.

They were right — though their main argument was that the site was registered in January, though it claimed to have started in September.

But the girl's uncle plans to push her into flesh trade.

Alongside the rich musical offer, the festival will offer you opportunities to participate in various creative workshops and sports activities.But as the train reaches a station, he is shot dead by a police officer.The film ends with the mute girl waiting for Sakthi at a railway station down the line.A fight breaks, and Mari is killed before Sakthi kills both Sardar and Bunker.Sakthi reunites with Dabba and Michael, but they are now chased by the police.

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