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Remind them that their body belongs to them, and that they can say “no” to anybody.

If you notice your kids staring quizzically at a sexy billboard, ask them what they’re thinking and if they have questions.

You may find, when talking to middle school- and high school-aged kids, that while they think they know a lot about sex, love, and consent, they can be a little clueless.

Before that, I believed that babies happened when boys and girls mixed their urine together.

Prove to them early on that you’re the one they can trust when it comes to these tough subjects.

If you’ve already told them a fib about the birds and the bees, take the time to apologize, tell them the truth, and let them know you’re open to honest conversations whenever they want.

Talk about how every person has the choice of whether to show a lot of their bodies or to cover up, and remind older kids that how a person chooses to dress shouldn’t affect how much we respect them.

Say something like, “I think it’s so cool how that guy just asked the girl he liked if she wanted to kiss him.” Discuss and deconstruct dangerous and problematic romantic and sexual interactions, and explain how your own values fit in.

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