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Presently, there are few spa and massage clinics here that offers lingam.Some are hideously operating while some establishments even flaunt the service.The Lingam massage is the counterpart to the Yoni massage: both focused on the pelvic region.Lingam was develop as healing practices for men who’s having a hard time getting an erection or with prostate problems.This platform does NOT host any content itself, we are a GATE between the censored users and the original websites we proxy.We’ve heard a lot of stories dealing with spa and massage clinics offering services with a ‘twist’ so we look at it, up-close and personal and investigated what was really going on in such places where humorously termed ‘We sent our mole on a mission and flew to a far province in the Visayas where such stories have originated.Charlie’s have two known branches in this province, by the way.One is right here in the key city while the second branch’s located in a provincial town near to call centers and hotels.

In the Philippines, lingam is regarded as a massage with a ‘‘, the pleasuring of male genitalia, came about in this province.Our asset concluded then that lingam, when practiced based on traditional healing method, is way legit.During their conversation, the masseuse shared that when lingam was first introduced in this province, it was only the foreigners who were seeking the services, particularly those who have erectile dysfunction.Our asset went to a not-so-secret establishment, that we will hide by the name of Charlie’s, located along one of the busy streets here in the city on a Saturday night and was greeted as a normal customer in the reception area and after paying the sum of Php 900 was ushered inside a dimly lit hallway with enclosed cubicles in both sides.Each cubicles have curtains serving as its main door.

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