Blind dating part 2

the it-took-longer-than-intended PART TWO to Food Truck Date #11′s 10 stages of a blind date. If you need to reread the first five stages because you forgot what I even wrote because I made you wait too terribly long for the second half, I understand. If I meet someone, I would do my best to get to know more about them and give them a greater chance,” she says.

Users can click on the descriptions and then see pictures of their prospective dates — just as, at the end of the Paper Bag Speed Dating event, participants gather at the bar to remove their bags.Kenneth Gottesfeld in Denver reported in 1970 a large series of patients where fetal death in utero was diagnosed solely on bistable ultrasound scan.The ability to recognise and confirm the presence of fetal cardiac action in early pregnancy was considered to be one of the most indispensible use of ultrasonography (and still is).Stage 6 of a Blind Date: Okay, one of you caved in the Mexican Standoff stage. he kinda had a weird laugh, and it seems like he might watch too much sports, and that little comment he said about his ex girlfriend means he has baggage galore, and his shirt was a weird color, and really none of this will work out anyway because there’s a .03 percent chance after the less than 5 percent chance you’ll like your blind date that he’ll like you back, and that you’ll make it through date one, date two, date three, and sleeping together and all the awkwardness and possibly small penises of it and STILL want to date each other, so you might as well not respond and move on. Put yourself out there – ask the one you like to hang out again. And then the cancel text comes through a couple hours prior to our plans – it’s just short and sweet. So I wait to see if he makes a move to reschedule (cause something really did come up) or if I don’t hear from him again (he got cold feet or something changed or he wasn’t interested in the first place). Either you contacted him, or he contacted you, and you received a response, so now you’re in stage six of a blind date – pure, unadulterated BLISS. Date number two is on the horizon, and you’re multi-tasking getting a waxing appointment, trying on every outfit in your closet for date two, and possibly putting “trip to Vicky Secrets” in your work calendar for lunch… Boy had recapped our entire date – what we did, what we talked about – and he had added a bunch of music suggestions for me to check out. This, my lovers, is the I’m Too Rational For My Shirt stage where you rationalize all the reasons that it’s probably not going to work. After all, one of the millions of reasons I have for doing this 50 Food Truck Dates project is to make me step outside my dating comfort zone. Okay, it’s time for the Close Your Eyes & Push Send stage lovers. If it doesn’t happen, nothing changes in your life except you took a chance. I was just going to go with the flow and was really okay with either and just looking forward to seeing him again cause he’s fun!

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