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Gott als strafender Vater ist keine anbetungswürdige Gottheit, sondern ein Götze, der den Imperialisten dient.

Die Vorstellung eines strafenden, männlichen Gottes widerspricht dem umfassenden Wesen der Gottheit, die ebenso weiblich und mütterlich wie männlich und väterlich ist.

No matter how much the television media fawn over the pope and papacy because it makes good theater, the pope is not the church but has a ministry within the church.

Papalolotry is a contemporary form of idolatry and must be resisted by all believers.

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Instead of theology it demands loyalty oaths to the past.A Society of Sycophants — sycophant clergy, sycophant seminarians, sycophant bishops, sycophant cardinals, sycophant religious orders of Opus Dei, Legioneers of Christ and Communion and Liberation, and the sycophant press--do not represent in any way the teachings or the person of the historical Jesus who chose to stand up to power rather than amassing it.Eine Kirche von Sycophanten zu schaffen ist nichts Heiliges.God the Punitive Father is not a God worth honoring but a false god and an idol that serves empire-builders.The notion of a punitive, all-male God, is contrary to the full nature of the Godhead who is as much female and motherly as it is masculine and fatherly.

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