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"I've never really had a relationship with Hollywood," she says as if the home of American movies is a four-letter word."I've never had a desire to work there." The closest that Tautou has come to jumping across the Atlantic has been her appearance in The Da Vinci Code.To have dreams in her career would "only run the risk of being disillusioned.I'm lucky to have done the projects that I've done." Tautou says she looks for variety when choosing roles – it's an oddity of cinema release strategies and the fact that her romcoms have crossed to our shores more readily that we often tend to associate her with quirky romances than hard-hitting dramas such as Dirty Pretty Things, in which she appeared.

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After the phenomenal success of Amelie a decade ago, the world was her oyster.

"It might seem paradoxical given my profession, but I'm not someone who likes to be in the limelight." Indeed, she adamantly refuses to talk about her private life at all.

Going to the US to make films means more than just entering a world where she inhabits characters on camera; she would become a brand.

Jeanne Moreau was the first, setting the bar high; Audrey Tautou seemed a perfect fit. Now 37, she's still most known for a single role, in the massive 2001 hit , her career since being respectable but not spectacular; she famously shuns the limelight.

And yet there is something about that breakthrough character, the wide-eyed, gamine do-gooder Amélie Poulain, amid one of the most seductive renditions of Paris in cinema, which captured her country's imagination and held it.

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