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A great example of a race-related dilemma is the obviously limited number of romantic relationships between Black men and Asian women—specifically in comparison to the number of relationships between White men and Asian women.

The reasoning behind this interesting situation can be best explained in dual components—the long-term and short-term reasoning.

To be clear, this isn’t discrimination of any kind, but rather an unavoidable uncomfortableness.

The two races are historically (and comparatively) unfamiliar with each other in an immediate sense, and this nervousness can be seen today, through the dating and marriage statistics.

The significance of the above data goes a long way in explaining the dating dilemma between Black men and Asian women, in several ways.

First, there aren’t a large number of Asians traveling to Africa, and Africans traveling to Asia; those who do leave their home countries are often economically inclined, and therefore bound for economic powerhouses like the United States, Canada, or one of several European countries.

While not debilitating, becoming romantically involved with someone is intimidating enough, for most; the added pressure of appealing to an individual of a race that is traditionally unfamiliar will likely make these individuals turn to races which they are more comfortable with—their own, or white men (as both Asians and Blacks have positive and intimate experience with Whites).

Very few asian women come to their own forum much less this one. Asian women mostly like wm because of status and money. U see a hot asian girl go up and talk to her the worse she can say it no. But hey my bro is married to a hot one so don't give up hope.

There also isn’t an internal conspiracy between the nations which house mainly Asian and Black individuals (most countries found in Africa and Asia, that is), as some other, entirely inaccurate individuals suggest.

The true dating dilemma between Black men and Asian women is much more literal and direct—in both the short and long term.

Populations in large Asian countries are mainly composed of ethnic Asians— Japan’s population is 98.5% Ethnic Japanese, China’s population is 91.51% Hans Chinese (with other, Asian ethnic groups composing much of the rest of the population), and South Korea’s population is very largely Korean as well.

The same can largely be said for African countries, where the majority of individuals born in a country on the continent will live there forever, or move to a more-developed hub—somewhere in Europe or the United States—as many Asian individuals also do.

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