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It looks like a log has been dragged in soft earth. I saw a clip on You Tube of a tiger attack in an Indian national park.The traveller who captured the footage was lucky not to have been ripped apart.

Touted by its co-founders as the new nucleus the organized hate movement would gather around, the Nationalist Front (NF) is floundering.He clarified that he was inclined to either vote 'no' or abstain from the postal vote on gay marriage, as ballots are sent to millions of Australian voters from this week.A result of the voluntary ballot is scheduled to be declared by mid-November.We quietly exchange notes from an elephant trunk’s distance. [caption id="attachment_2148" align="alignnone" width="369"] A tiger the writer didn't see in Royal Chitwan National Park.[/caption] From the first day, I feel like a latter day Mowgli.I’m on an old fashioned shikari minus the trophy hunting.

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