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It is really so much better than before I had children.

Obviously we can't be as adventurous sometimes, but it's a pretty great experience overall!

—brandip433ad1a19 I was terrified that my wounds would reopen, because every time my boyfriend and I tried, it hurt as if they were about to rip apart.

Turns out it was just knots from when they stitched me up that just needed some massaging.

And you may need to put it off longer than medically necessary just to build some trust in your new post-baby body.—Marianne Douglass, Facebook It definitely took a bit to get my groove back, but after two kids I'm so much more in tune with my body, its likes and dislikes, and I honestly enjoy sex much more after having kids. —brennat40d8d5684 Having an understanding and patient partner makes all the difference.

There are lots of ways to be affectionate and intimate without penetration, and someone who loves you will have no problem waiting till you are truly ready — both before and after kids.—marjoried2 The first time postpartum was scary. You're still attracted to your partner but you're different somehow, and you don't know if it's going to hurt or what.

So how can you tell if your camera has been compromised? James Scott, senior fellow at the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology in the US, recently published a paper called: ‘America Exposed: Who’s Watching You Through Your Computer’s Camera?

I just kept picturing and remembering the pain of childbirth.

It took a lot of alcohol to go through with it.—lizziec2 My doctor gave me the clear four weeks after my C-section and I nearly cried from the fear.

‘Or, if it is intentionally made vulnerable during production as part of an adversarial nation-state campaign, or if the consumer practices poor cyber-hygiene and Information Security.’ As easy as it is for someone to hack, it’s a bit harder to spot when you’re the one being targeted.

Scott, however, said that a major clue is if the little LED light next to your camera is on, even when you’re not using it.

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